Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lima ... the city of bad drivers and warm weather

My first day in Peru has been a whirl wind. Tonight it felt like I have been here for at least two days I have done so much. I started out by taking a long needed shower. Its very warm here so you get sweaty fast. I then meet up with my friend Alana and her friend to do some exploring.

We headed on the Metro to Plaza de Armas. They were having some kinda cerebration with men dressed in soldier outfit's riding equally nicely dressed horses. From Plaza de Armas I went to the Franciscan Monastery and Museum. Here we purchased a tour for S./3.5 or $1 to see the church and the catacombs. It was pretty awesome. We learned a lot of history about Peru and the Spanish influence. It was a great experience.

After this we met up with some more friends at a famous cevicheria. My first time eating fish is longer than I can remember. And to top it off it was raw fish. So far no stomach ache. We tried a bunch of dishes and ended up spending about $12 each. We had a lot of fun speaking Spanglish and telling each other stories about Peru.

We took a taxi back to the city and got frozen yogurt and walked to the beach and Larcomar a famous mall built into the cliff over the ocean. It was alive with both Peruvians and Tourists. The walk along the cliffs over the beaches was beautiful. We watched the surfers below us. I am hoping to do some surfing on Tuesday. I have a long couple of days with all my plans.

After I headed back to the hostel to check my email and rest, but I ended up meeting a girl from Hawaii. We headed off to explore more of Miraflores. We went to the market where I bought some bread, jam and a sim card for my unlocked phone. We walked around admiring the area. We then met up with another guy from the hostel and headed off with Alana to get some dinner and pisco sour. We didn't encounter pisco sour but we had a nice salad.


  1. is it with you I was talking about if they have frozen yogurt in S. Amer? and it came up on the first day!

  2. Thanks for sharing ... What's next dear? Now that I've discovered it, I'll be following your blog.

  3. The catacombs sound really cool!