Saturday, February 18, 2012

It can only get better

I wipe the tears from my eyes as my phone rings with the best news I have gotten all night. my sad tears turn to happiest ones as I hear the words I have been longing to hear all night.

At 10pm last night my flight to Lima was canceled due to someone pulling the emergency escape door and inflating the escape slide. I was told I could rebook or get a refund. since I had my heart set on Peru I decided to re-book. Well it turned out that the next available flight was next week on Friday. I cant take a week off my trip so I decided to look for another airline that could get me to lima this weekend. I found one last minute  to lima at 9am. I booked it with the hopes of getting a full refund of my ticket. it was $200 more but it was worth it for the extra week. well it got worse. When I called Spirit to get my refund they said I could not since I had used a credit from a previous flight cancellation.

I did not take that as the answer. I wanted all my money back not just $100. So I fought it in the hopes to get all my money back. After one hour with a representative 30 more minutes with the manager and 30 more minutes with the legal  department many hand overs to Spirit representatives here at LAX I finally got  a promise of a call back if a refund is possible. I was so tired and cold that I sad down on the airport floor surrounded by my bags and my phone tethered to the wall outlet and began to cry, waiting for the call. An hour later my phone rings. I was so nervous to pick it up. It was Spirit Airlines promising to refund all the money. I was so happy that my tears of sadness turned to those of joy.

It was a rough night staying awake for 24hours to catch the next flight. By the time I got to the hostel I was up for 48 hours. I finally was able to sleep.


  1. AHHHH this sounds so crazy! I'm glad you made it, and you DEFINITELY deserved that money back. You're right -- it could only get up from there. Thanks for keeping the blogging up, it's great to feel like I'm keeping up with your adventures.


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