Friday, May 11, 2012

Chicken with His Head Cut Off

Ready to close upon arrival of strike.
Today I woke up at 5am to head to Besi Shahar to start the Annapurna Circuit. Unfortunately the strike continues and there are no buses running anywhere. Disappointed Sigita and I set off determined to find another way to Besi Shahar. We started walking downtown to see if we could find other backpackers heading to the AC.

Everyone seemed to be looking for buses to Kathmandu. We even went to a local bike shop to see how much it would be to rent bikes to Besi Shahar (42 Kilometers). It was much too expensive so we just rented a bike for an hour and headed off to the bus station to see if there was any bus waiting.

We rode for 30mins up hills, through winding streets, by cows, and military checkpoints. We arrived at the bus station to find a children's cricket match in an empty parking lot.

We continued back, returned the bikes and headed back to the guesthouse to see if there was any news. Along the way we saw a mini-bus. We thought maybe it could take us to Besi Shahar, we started running towards the bus. Unfortunately they were heading to the airport, but they tipped us off that tonight maybe at the same bus station there might be a bus to Besi Shahar.

So now we are hoping a miracle will happen.

I am currently sitting with my new friend Pratiksha, the 12-year-old daughter of the Karma Guesthouse owner. She is teaching me how to dance and sing. Later I might head to the Peace Pagoda up on the top of a mountain or I might go to the pool.

I will wander over to the deserted bus station later tonight to see if I can find a bus to Besi Shahar.

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