Saturday, May 12, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs

Sigita and I set off to the main marketplace to look for a electronic store to repair her laptop charger. We jumped onto a local bus to get to city center (15 NPR = 18 cents). We packed like sardines into the small mini-bus.
People, vegetables and cow enjoy the rain.

As we were riding down the streets we saw a small electronic repair shop. We jumped off. When we showed the charger to the store owner he plugged it in and it worked. Confused of why it was not working at the guest house we left the shop just as it started pouring down. We walked around the streets trying to figure out how to get back to the guest house. 

Everyone was telling us different directions so we decided to buy a BBQ corn off a street cart and   wait at the corner in a small shop. When we saw the next bus pass we jumped out into the pouring rain. 

Sigita in packed bus, still with corn.
"Lakeside?" After a couple of buses we found one going our direction. We squished into the already overflowing bus, still with the corn-on-the-cobs in our hands. We arrived a 20min walk from our hotel. On the way we stopped to get a pizza (180 NPR = $2.10) we split it and headed drenching wet back to our guesthouse. 

Annapurna Circuit tomorrow.... finally. 

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