Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watch Out for the ... Monkeys

I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday morning and I am already sitting in the jungle 5 hours away. I am pretty exhausted so it nice to finally relax for a couple hours.

Buddah Park, Kathmandu
I am covered in mosquito bites so I am glad that my new home has a mosquito net over the bed. I am not sure why the mosquito's like me so much, it seems that in India and Nepal the mosquito's are not affected by my 100% Deet bug spray.

Kathmandu was interesting. It had elements of a big city, with its crowded streets and millions of shops, and nature, with its monasteries high up on mountain tops and monkeys bounding from rooftop to rooftop.
Room in Chitwan National Park

Be careful though because the monkeys are known for sneaking in open windows and grabbing items out of your hands. Just be aware of your surrounding especially in the mornings and hold everything tightly. The monkeys are getting into photography so often steal cameras.

I just got off the bus in Chitwan National Park. I am staying in a river side lodge near the jungle. The bus ride from Kathmandu took 5 hours and in a tourist bus its about 500 Nepalese Rupees. That's a little under $6.

I would definitely not recommend this bus ride for people who get car sick or motion sickness. Its 5 hours of vibrating, flying out of your seat, and coming to sudden stops when two buses need to pass on a one lane road.

Prayer Wheel in Kathmandu

The bus takes you along a river and has some great views of Nepal's beautiful valleys. Be sure to sit on the right side of the bus.

I am going on a village tour in a couple minutes and the next couple of days I will be doing elephant back safari's, canoeing, and trekking through Chitwan National Park. I hope I don't get too many more bug bites.

Oh yeah... almost forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDHA!!!!

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