Sunday, June 9, 2013


Fútbol (soccer) is big all around the world, especially in Peru. On Friday Peru won 1-0 against Ecuador and I was here to share in the celebrations. 

Friday lunch consisted of ceviche (raw fish) with sweet potato, and regular potato and rice that was prepared skillfully by my friend Olga in her home. The fish was bought that morning fresh from the market. 

We took a micro (minibus) which costs 1 sol to visit La Punta. Here we hired a rowboat to take a tour of the surrounding area. I got to try rowing, it was very hard. After La Punta we went to the market for some shopping and snacks. 

When we arrived back home I cooked pasta for the family and we sat down to watch the Peru - Ecuador game. Everyone was very emotional, yelling and screaming throughout the game. When Peru scored its first goal, everyone jumped up and started screaming and hugging each other. 

After the game we went out dancing (tonear) in Miraflores. Everyone was in the streets wearing Peru jerseys and waving flags. People were chanting and sounding horns as they walked down the streets. We danced the night away celebrating Peru's win. 

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