Monday, January 20, 2014

Bucket List (9-10) On the Go

9. Iceland's Ring Road
It is said by many that Iceland is one the most beautiful places on earth. Pictures from there make me think that it might be close to true. Ring Road in Iceland circles the entire country, its also known as Route 1. Its 1,339 kilometres (832 mi) long and takes 10 days to drive all the way around and see all the sights including its thermal baths, huge waterfalls and hike-able glaciers. Iceland is pretty expensive, renting a car can cost $100 a day. Tour packages are also available, but they are pretty expensive too. Bus passes are offered for around $350.

10. Haute Route - Cross Country Ski the Alps
This 7 day trek on skis from France to Switzerland. With a combo of downhill skiing, cross country and climbing with skins this beautiful route take you across the Western Alps. Skiers stay in hotels along the way. The views of the snow covered peaks are breathtaking. You can either get a guide to take you or you can do the trip on your own with just a map. This is not a trip for the lazy or the poor. Skis must be bought or rented and lodges must be booked. Euro to the Dollar ratio does not help much. This will probably be one of those trips I do when I am older, I hope I have the energy to do this in 20 years.

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