Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lucky Me

20 mins before my flight was about to depart from LAX to Cincinnati I found out my connecting flight to Philly had been cancelled. I boarded the plane to Cincinnati not knowing how long I would be stranded in below freezing weather. With the intent to take the next flight to Philly on standby, I had no hope that I would make it to my mandatory 1pm class.  When I arrived in Cincinnati I was greeted by an announcement that a flight to Newark, NJ was about to take off. I bolted from gate 1 to gate 18. Maybe the plane will still be there, maybe they have space for one more. 

I arrived at the gate huffing and puffing. The attendant at the desk gave me a seat right away and I was the last the board the flight. I took my seat, I was lucky to get a row to myself. I finished up my Bollywood movie and had a cup of coffee. Next hurtle is finding where my checked bag is. Probably still in Cincinnati. At least I will make it to class. 

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