Friday, March 28, 2014

Time Travel

I have traveled across oceans, boarders, deserts, high mountain passes and jungles. I finally had the opportunity to time travel.

No I did not find a Back to the Future car or a magical telephone booth. I finally joined twitter. Did she just say she joined twitter??? Yes I finally crossed into the 21st century and joined twitter. Make sure to follow me adrienne_hugs

Other than time travelling I have also done some recent domestic travel. I just got back from visiting my family and friends in California. I managed to go rock climbing, eat dinner with some lovely ladies, have a wonderful BBQ with my parents, take my grandma shopping, eat some tasty Berkeley Indian food, and dance to some Bollywood music in just four days. That sounds like time travel to me. 

Currently I am studying for boards, (insert crying face here) which I take in June. I am also planning my post boards trip and I would like some advice and recommendations on where I should travel and write about. Let me know where you want me to explore. 

1 comment:

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