Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Train, Buses, Planes Oh My

Three Buses, Two Planes, One Train and a shuttle later I am finally in Costa Rica. I only booked tonight in the hostel, torrow I hope to catch a bus to Volcano Arenal. I have no plans, I guess I will see where the winds take me.

I am sitting on a rooftop bar drinking a free mixed drink, and watching the thunder and lightning light up the sky above my head. 

I am exhasted and I am looking forward to sleeping in my eight bed dorm tonight. So far I am the only one in the room. Lets see who I wake up next to tomorrow. 

I have spoken primarily Spanish since I got on the plane in New York. I made friends with an Ecuadorian woman who invited me to her home on the beach in Ecuador. More places to visit. 


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