Sunday, July 5, 2015

Learning about Tumaini - Street Kids Program

Today I visited Tumaini Drop-in Center for street kids in Eldoret. I spent the day playing soccer and cooking food for the kids. Of course I arrived back home covered in dirt and soaking wet.

Tumaini in Swahili means hope. The Tumaini center gives refuge to the street kids of Eldoret. It empowers street youth, offers vocational training, feed them, gives them a roof over their head and gives them an alternative to living on the streets. You can visit their website at:

Today I accompanied two girls who live near me to the center down dirt roads to the Tumaini Drop-in Center. Upon arriving I quickly was swallowed into a soccer tournament. Of course no one was keeping score, but I am pretty sure I was the worst player. The kids ran smiling up and down the field most barefoot others wearing flip-flops and beat-up sneakers.

The Photographers

While catching my breath on the sidelines I let two of the kids, probably aspiring photographers, use my iphone camera. They took some interesting photos and videos of the soccer tournament.

I met the resident dogs, one of them named Malaria and played on the monkey bars and swings. I was also shown a snake by some of the boys (they thought I was going to be scared). Don't worry readers it was a small garden snake.

Waiting patiently for food
After the in-prompt-to soccer game we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and fried up some chips (french fries). We gathered in the dining room sans-electricity. The kids sat quietly waiting for food, many of them wanting to help serve. We chowed down on the food in the dwindling light, using our cellphones to find misplaced condiments and children.

The kids thanked us immensely, giving us hugs, fist pumps and handshakes. As they retired to their bunks we drove back along the dirt road to our home. I plan to return next week for another game of soccer. Maybe I will be better after a year of playing with these kids.

You can visit the website to learn more and donate to this awesome cause:

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