Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ready, Set, Action for the Pocket Square Project

Today I was on set of the new promotional film for the Pocket Square Project. The Pocket Square Project is a fashion meets philanthropy group. They support HIV positive youth support groups in Kenya. These support groups provide a safe place for HIV positive youth to share their stories, hear from other HIV positive individuals and learn about how to overcome challenges.

HIV positive children face many unique challenges while growing up. Some of these challenges include adherence to medications and sickness that comes with not taking medication regularly. The issues of disclosure is a huge barrier for children who don't yet know their status. Many parents and caregivers keep their status a secret due to social stigma and these children grow up not knowing they have HIV. The Pocket Square Project has created a space for kids to talk about these challenges and take each one in a positive way. 

Today I was helping on the promotional film for the Pocket Square Project.  We interviews a couple young adults who had benefited from the support groups as well as some counselors and peer group coordinators. I enjoyed hearing the stories and was reminded why I am here in Kenya. I am excited to help out more with the Pocket Square Project.

Thanks to our filmmaker Thomas Lewis who had dedicated his time to this project. Visit his site to hear his stories and watch his films at and watch his previous films about kids living with HIV

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