Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rift Valley Camping

On Saturday I headed to Iten with a friend named Joey. Iten sits  at over 7,000ft in elevation, and  is 1 hour north of Eldoret. Iten claims to be the Home of Champions due to its production of many Olympic mentalists and marathon winner. Its also situated on the edge of the rift valley also making it home to amazing views.

On the way to Iten our taxi took us to Kreuger Farms to see the family of giraffes who reside here. We then hiked up the Sergoit hill to the top where there was an amazing view of the surrounding farms. We were then dropped at my friends farm to eat lunch and help with some farming. After lunch and tea we all got into a truck and drove over to Lelin Campsite for dinner.

At Lelin we enjoyed a wonderful dinner overlooking the Rift Valley. The dinner included a cooked rabbit which one of my friends ran over the day before, chicken, cabbage, rice and chapati. After a long night of eating, drinking, laughing and being afraid of the spiders crawling around the wood hut that we were eating in, Joey and I headed to our already set up tent for some sleep. The tent was 750KSH ($7.50) a person.

The next morning we woke up had a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, bread and chai we headed off on a hike up the Rift Valley. We were guided to the trail head by a campsite attendant which required traversing local farms and saying hi to many children who ran towards us as we hiked.

The hike was steep at many parts, most of it was exposed to the sun until we reached the top, so make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. As you hike up the hill you pass by a waterfall where people are swimming in the water and cooling off. As you climb higher you begin to see and hear monkeys in the trees around you. The trail begins to thin out and at some moments the trail will fork or even disappear. You push through bush to follow the trail hoping that spiders and other bugs don't fall on you.

We hiked up to where we saw a hut and some guys who were cutting wood, to the right we saw a rocky outcrop. We headed once again through the brush for the rocks. Once we arrived we were astounded by the view. A group of local children were playing with machetes on the rocky outcropping. We made friends quickly and ended up sharing chips (fries) and soda with them at the campsite.

We then called out taxi to head back to Eldoret. The taxi there and back was 5000KSH ($50) which is a bit excessive for this trip. Hopefully we get some better rates next time.


  1. That's my home good you enjoyed the views

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