Wednesday, August 5, 2015

About Me

My name is Adrienne, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area but I have always felt like I was a citizen of the world. My mother immigrated from Chile to find the American Dream, if I am that dream she found it. I studied molecular and cellular biology at University of California, Berkeley. After graduating I worked for a little over a year at an international biofuel research laboratory. I wore a crazy white coat and genetically engineered bacteria. How cool! You can say I was a little bit of a mad scientist.  At the age of 22 I quit my job and dropped everything to backpack solo around South America, India and Nepal.

It felt freeing to be alone and make my own itinerary, and mainly be spontaneous. I would take a train to a new place without a reservation for where I was going to sleep. I would walk aimlessly yet with a purpose to discover something new and interesting. I had some rough stints getting sick and almost dying in Peru and getting harassed more than anticipated. I learned to be confident, self -reliant and adaptable. I evolved so much from the person I use to be. I remember thinking of the geeky shy girl I used to be, I am still geeky but the shy has been replaced by a confident and adventurous woman.

I fell in love with traveling at the same time as I learned I was accepted to medical school. I began to merge my two passions healthcare and traveling. I spent a summer volunteering in the Sacred Valley Peru and every break I get I jump on a plane to discover someplace new, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Canada, Jordan, Israel and Netherlands. Currently I am spending one year abroad in Kenya doing HIV research with kids. I love helping were I can, and love to learn about new cultures and traditions. I love to try new foods, dance to different beats, and do anything that sounds dangerous and adventurous. With this blog I hope to inspire others to travel, volunteer and learn about what the world has to offer. To all the wanderlust people of the world keep traveling and never stop moving.

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Thank You Adrienne


  1. Adrienne: You shy? No way! You're the most gregarious person I know. Have a great time in Kenya! Wished I was there. Your friend, Sherry

  2. Looks like you are coping up with kenya pretty good, except for the club chasing thing. you will get around it, best to them and say you are fine and dont wana dance.

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