Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rift Valley Exploring

Today I visited Samich Resort on the rift valley. Samich is a high end restaurant and hotel located on the edge of the rift valley in Western Kenya. It’s a day trip from Eldoret. The resort is hidden behind a huge gate on a 4km dirt road off of the main road. 

When we arrived we started off on the “Nature Trail” which descends into the rift valley. The trail is well maintained but very steep. Almost every part of the trail is a perfect photo opportunity of the rift valley. After about 30 minutes you arrive to a small banda/hut with an amazing view. This is a great place for a snack or lunch. 

There are more trails that descend further. We continued a bit more then turned around. The hike down is not too hard, but going up is steeper and much more exhausting. Once you reach the top you can enjoy a cold drink and lunch at the restaurant. The view from the restaurant is also beautiful. There are many shaded tables to choose from. 


  1. What a beautiful view. It is easy to put yurself and your place the world in perspective when you are at such heights.

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