Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Beat the Heat - New Delhi

Currently its 43C (109F) in Dehli. It feels like you are walking into a sauna when you step outside. Restaurants, malls, and families have their AC units on full blast. How do you enjoy India in this heat? Most say go North, but even in hot weather there are ways to enjoy Delhi, just don't forget the water.

Open auto-rickshaw are cheap ways of traveling but the
wind is hot on your face. Bring a scarf to cover your mouth.
1. Enjoy a Bollywood movie at the local theater. Before noon its as cheap as 200 INR ($4) and a small popcorn is only 70 INR ($1.50). Beats American theater prices. Remember that the movies are in Hindi and theaters rarely offer subtitles so read up on the story before you go.

2. Go to the mall. The mall has great AC. Its free to window-shop and there are often good food courts where you can enjoy a bunch of different Indian and international cuisines.

3. Go out at night. Its much cooler in the evenings (90F) but also much more crowded. Be aware that prices go up at night so if you are looking for good deals then you might want to face the heat in the open markets.

4. Join a friends for dinner or lunch at home.


  1. Good tips. Delhi, a land of color, beauty, culture and.....terribly humid least in May, June, July. Stay in the shade and drink plenty of fluids.Have fun.

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